Contalist addin for Outlook

Contalist is a simple but powerful contact app. With this addin, you can access the features of Contalist from the sidebar inside Outlook.

What can I do with this addin?

Let's Get Started!

1. Sign into Contalist

Before you start with this addin, you need to sign into Contalist with your Outlook account.

The first time this addin is open, you will be asked to sign into Contalist. The addin will look like the screenshot on right side. Click the Yes, go ahead button, and follow the sign in flow provided by Outlook.

After your account is created, you can start to play with this addin, or capture new contacts.

Also you may want to sign into our web app to do the settings, for example, create custom forms. To keep this addin simply, the settings are done with our web app.

If you need to connect to another account, please contact our support

2. Manage your contact's profile

When you select an email in Outlook and open this addin, it will automatically search for the contact (the sender of the email) and show his/her data. If the contact cannot be found, you can capture him/her as a new contact (and put him/her into a contact group).

You can enrich your contact data by creating different types of custom fields (for text, number, selection, etc.), tags, and notes.

custom form



capture new contact if contact cannot be found

If you need to search for a contact, just type the name in the search box at the top of the addin. If no contact is found, you can click the create button to create a new contact with the name.

Create/Edit Custom Forms & Contact Groups
Custom forms can be created/edited at the custom forms page in our web app. To add your contact groups, you need to do it in our web app too.

3. Use it as a CRM inside Outlook

This addin can also help you to track your contact's cases, orders, or whatever you need.

For example, you can create a custom form for Case in our web app, then in this addin, if you open a contact, you can see Case in the Records tab.

Now you can add a new case record by clicking the + button, like shown in this screenshot.

If you also need to track orders, sessions, etc., just create another custom form.

Forms vs Records
When creating the custom form, you need to check the switch Is this form for something repeatable?, otherwise your new form will appear in the Forms tab, not in the Records tab.

4. Mail Templates and Mail Merge

You can create reusable email templates, and insert placeholders for contact names, custom fields into them. This addin can automatically pull your contact data and have the template merged.

To create a template, open a new message in Outlook, and open this addin. Your templates will be listed in this addin. Write some text for your new message's subject and body like shown in the screenshot below.

As you have seen, you can create templates containing placeholders like {{ Contact > First Name }}, or even custom form fields like {{ Client Profile > Shipping Address }} if you want to insert the contact's Shipping Address.

To save your new template, click the + button in this addin. Your template will be stored into Contalist and ready for future use.

How to use this new template? For example, you want to send a message to Kate with this template, open a new message and set Kate into the 'To' field. Now open this addin, find your new template in the template list, and click the 'Use this template' link of your new template. This addin will try to find Kate (by her email address) in Contalist, get her data, merge the data with your template, and fill the subject and body of your new message automatically.

This is how it looks after your message is automatically generated. See the texts in red, they are correctly merged. Now you just need to click the Send button.

Need More Help?
Please contact if you have any question or feedback.